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My Journey to Software Engineering

Growing up my first love was technology with baseball coming in at a close second. I remember the first laptop that I held in my hands was a 2003 IBM Thinkpad. I was in my living room holding this laptop and simultaneously looking at my family’s TV that seemed to be from 1982. The technological gap in my living room that morning allowed me to make a decision that would change the trajectory of my life. That morning I decided that I was going to pursue a career in the technology space.

The journey has been long but rewarding, and I have gained knowledge from many different spaces and industries. From data management and sales, database design and implementation, to financial technology support, my journey thus far has been an extensive one. These experiences inspired me to attend General Assembly where I gained the skills and experience to become a full stack software engineer. Throughout all of this, one thing remains true - my love for technology continues to grow. My desire to solve problems in the world with technology increases every day. Today I continue to impact the lives around me and solve problems with the same tool that inspired me while young - technology!





Node JS








Google Firebase

My Journey

Fundraise Up

2021- Current

Introducing technology to a sector that is very motivated to improve our world. Building tools that bring e-commerce technology to the giving world. Powerful Stuff!


2021- 2021

Pick an industry and disrupt it! BeaverDevs focused on producing Plutus PM, a Practice Management Solution, to help small accounting shops use cloud technology for their advantage.

Code Nation

2020 - 2021

Code Nation allowed me to enter the academic field and teach. Teaching Web Development to High School students was eye opening and rewarding. HTML, CSS and Javascript were the tools being taught.

General Assembly SEI

2020 - 2020

General Assembly allowed me to add the tools to create full-stack applications that can change our world. My journey encompassed my years of front end knowledge with backend technologies that have increased my capabilities of software development.

Bloomberg LP

2018 - 2020

Big Data! My time at Bloomberg was full of learning. From Help Desk to trading systems, my love for technology increased. Selling these products and data feeds to large banks and seeing the immediate impact was thrilling and fulfilling.

Chief Technology Officer NGO

2016 - 2018

Understanding of data - organizing it and analyzing it was my job. Implementing systems, including workflow, design, and training was the impact that I had in the space.

Senior Data Analyst

2012 - 2016

The opportunity to manipulate data and make a business impact was thrilling and a driving factor in my post-university years. After equipping myself with the skills necessary to help nonprofits organization make a positive impact, I took my talents to the NGO world.

University at Albany

2008 - 2012

Studying Information Science at the University At Albany opened my eyes to data management. Data warehousing and manipulating datasets became my DNA.

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My Ethos

Pursue Passions, Not Paychecks

Believe in Change

Don't Take Yourself Too Seriously

Be Artful, Engaging, Structured and Relentless

Prioritize the Customer

In Technology, Different Perspectives Matter

Live A Balanced Life

Learn Every Day

Beat Yesterday



Web Development and Design agency.Technologies used HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Python, Django.

Plutus Practice Management

Cloud-based practice management software for accountants and bookkeepers. Python, React, Material UI, SCSS.

Tax Payroll Plus

Tax Payroll Plus is a Plutus Client. Python, React, Material UI, SCSS.

Hermano Portal

The Hermano Portal was designed for a Fraternity to gather their inner communication and events. HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Firebase.

Santos Portfolio Manager

Santos, is the non institutional investors Portfolio Manager. Core Technologies used:3 Ruby on Rails, React, HTML, Css.


The Peopod mobile platform was a team approach on platform recreation.Core Technologies used React, MongoDB, HTML, CSS.

UI/UX Designs


BeaverDevs UI Designed, for Web and Mobile. Designed on Figma.

38 Street Wine

38 Street Wines UI designs on Figma

Dyckman Democrats

Low Fi designs proposal for Dyckman Democrats. Figma


Stadio Design is a proposed lo fi design for large group gatherings. Figma

Santos Portfolio Manager UI

Santos was designed to be a simple portfolio manager. Figma

Keystone initial proposed UI

Keystone practice management, which later evolved to Plutus PM Figma

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